4x32 Red/Green Dual Illuminated Rapid Range Multi Reticle Scope 12"

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This 4x32 Riflescope is a solid choice for people who want to increase precision while aiming at a target. Enhance your firing accuracy with the 4x32 Scope. It's built with a shock-resistant design for improved aim during those crucial moments which means it's extremely durable and stands up to the elements without a problem. This compact scope has a generous eye relief with fully-coated lenses that offer improved clarity and brightness during use making it ideal for close range action, from cross-bow hunting to pistol shooting to simple rimfire action. It's designed with Weaver-style rings for simple mounting and is built from a single tube of aircraft-grade aluminum for enhanced strength and durability. The 4x32 Riflescope is lightweight fixed-power riflescope designed for target shooting and small game hunting. The 4x magnification has a wide field of view and is ideal for surveying the entire landscape, then putting the crosshairs on your target. Coated lenses transmit bright, contrast-rich images with a high-degree of detail even in low-light conditions. it's design is lightweight and sits close to the receiver, making for a comfortable sighting experience and ease of transport. The weather sealed and shock resistant housing ensures that this riflescope will endure the punishment of harsh weather and powerful rifles. This Illuminated Scope features both red and green rheostat controls, allowing you to achieve the optimal level of brightness to make out your quarry at night, in the evening or in daylight.


  • 4x32 Red/Green Dual Illuminated Rapid Range Reticle Compact Tactical Hunter Rifle Scope
  • Offers 4X magnification combined with long eye relief making it ideal for close range action
  • From cross-bow hunting to pistol shooting even down to simple rimfire action
  • This scope is engineered with extra rigid shockproof construction to handle the demands of pistols, shotguns and other types of high recoil firearms
  • The 4x32 Illuminated Scope is the pinnacle of quality and value.
  • Built from sturdy aluminum components this waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof scope will not let you down.
  • Features both RED and GREEN rheostat controls for the optimal level of brightness and color depending on your light conditions.
  • Lenses are optical grade glass lenses with etched reticle.
  • Features multiple sight points to cover all your yardage needs.
  • This scope can’t be beat for quality, performance and value.
  • This scope is essential for any bowman wanting to improve their shot.
  • The ultimate long-distance hunting optic with reticles designed for long range hunters.
  • Enabling quick aim at targets, this 4x32mm scope with mounted rings allows you to save time and energy while hunting with your rifle.
  • Includes and Instruction Manual

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