Man Kung MK250ATC Compound Hunting Crossbow Camouflage

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The is a very powerful compound crossbow for the experienced crossbow shooter. This crossbow shoots arrows much faster and more powerful than a regular crossbow. The crossbow is a nicely finishes making it comfortable and stable to shoot the Man Kung crossbow. The crossbow has a solid aluminum crossbow arrow guide, and a trigger mechanism. The bow limbs are made of strong pressed Hi-Tech glassfibre.


  • Draw Weight : 150 lbs
  • Draw Weight:150lbs
  • Weight:6.82lbs
  • Length:36 2/5inches
  • String Length:17 1/4inches
  • Limb/Prod:Compression molded fiberglass
  • Barrel:Aluminum alloy
  • Comes with 2 Hunting Arrows - 17" Long
  • Field to use - 200 yard
  • Arrows can travel up 300 FPS
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